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10 Laser Tag Guns

10 Laser Tag Guns

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Tag or be tagged in this intense, real-life lazer combat game. This TEB -player system (laser guns only)  lets you battle in intense real-life lazer combat with two or more players (additional Taggers rented seperately). Battle around the house, office, church, school, warehouse, indoors or outdoors - Create your own barriers - play in the field or woods Customize your playing field.
  • TEN Lazer taggers
  • Pinpoint Sight targeting 

Rent just the laser guns or add inflatable bunkers (rented seperately)

For the ultimate in Laser Tag excitement rent our 40 X 40 inflatable laser tag arena complete with black lights and strobe lights - track your oponents through a maze like arena - hide behind walls - attack your oponent from several angles